No Glasses, Daytime Contact Lenses or Surgery

Discover why this evidence-based treatment is recommended by optometrists who are passionate about preventing myopia progression!

Sometimes the greatest obstacles we face come from our personal limitations. When blurry vision stands between you and the life you want to live, you’d want to find a safe, convenient and effective solution that gives you clear vision and the freedom to move about and just live in the moment.

Ortho-k is a Revolutionary Treatment that Safely and Comfortably Corrects Your Vision while you Sleep!

With Ortho-k You Can…

correct a large range of prescriptions including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia

enjoy the benefits of laser corrective surgery without the risks or high cost

say good-bye to daytime spectacles and contact lenses and experience clear vision all day long, even while swimming

engage in sports and recreation like never before

slow down or stop myopia progression in kids and adults

experience more joy, more confidence and more freedom seeing the world’s beauty through naked eyes

Sleep Soundly at Night and Wake up to Clear Vision!

Ortho-K uses special contact lenses which you wear while you sleep, gently reshaping your cornea (the transparent outer layer of the eye). In the morning, you remove the lenses and experience vision that’s clearer than ever—through naked eyes! Ortho-K can not only improve your current vision and give you freedom from spectacles and contact lenses, but also prevent your vision from getting worse year after year! Also, Ortho-K is not only safe but recommended for children.

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