Conditions of Sale

Congratulations on your recent decision to purchase our quality eyewear which meets the highest demand with respect to design and quality. Our guarantee is subject to proof of purchase and addition to the rights provided by Australia and New Zealand consumer protection statutory warranties including rights of repair, replacement and refund. All products supplied by Eyecare Plus Optometrists under Government order are covered by the terms and conditions of that order, the Trades Practices Act (Australia) of the Customers Guarantees Act 1993 (New Zealand) and other laws.

Please read the conditions of sale carefully. Keep your original purchase receipts to enable us to process your repair or exchange quickly and efficiently.

In the unlikely event of cancellation either during or after manufacture, we reserve the right to hold your 50% deposit to cover our costs or charge the cost of dispensed lenses.

Products on lay by not collected within a 3-month period will be returned to the practice with deposit forfeited to recover loss of shelf time.

Carries a 12-month warranty from date of purchase. This covers only manufacturing faults. It does not cover neglect, improper use, accidental/intentional damage or loss of the item by the customer. Complimentary or free products have no warranty.

Contact lenses will not be sold without a current and authentic prescription. Contact lenses will be exchanged if there is a significant refractive change in the initial prescription within 4 weeks. We deduct the price of your original lenses from the price of your newly prescribed lenses. Warranty on ripped contact lenses are subject to laboratory assessment before exchange is issued.

If your product is eligible for exchange, they should be returned in or with their original packaging which must be unmarked. For contact lenses, the packaging must be unopened and unmarked.

We do not allow sunglasses to be returned or exchanged after purchase under any circumstances (we cannot resell them). It’s up to the individual to make the correct decision at the time of purchase.

Multifocals carry a non-adaptation warranty for 1 MONTH. Lenses may be replaced to single vision or bifocals at no charge, up to the original price of the multifocal lenses.

Includes free servicing, adjustment and cleaning. As a valued client, you are entitled to having your eyewear ultrasonic cleaned regularly. Having your eyewear cleaned on a regular basis dislodges grease, dirt particles, and also kills germs and bacteria.

Eyecare Plus Optometrists takes all care but no responsibility for repairs, adjustments or any cleaning (including ultrasonic cleaning) made to patients’ own frame. Adjustments are made at the patient’s own risk. See reasons below:

Eyecare Plus Optometrists will dispense new lenses into your old or new frame BUT: Old plastic frames become brittle with age and become distorted with repeated heating. Old metal frames suffer metal fatigue from repeated adjustments. We cannot take responsibility if they should break during the fitting of lenses. In view of the unknown material weakness, using an old frame is done at patient’s own risk. New frames not purchased from Eyecare Plus Optometrists are also fitted at patient’s own risk.

Eyecare Plus Optometrists complies with the privacy act with regards to the release of optical prescriptions. We have no responsibility for external prescriptions being correct.

Eyecare Plus reserves the right to revise or make amendments to these Conditions of Sale as may be reasonably necessary to reflect changes in market conditions affecting our business, changes in technology, changes in payment methods, changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements and changes in our system’s capabilities. You will be subject to the Conditions of Sale in force at the time that you ordered the products from us.