Say No To Reflections On Glasses

What is anti-reflection? What do they do? Why are they beneficial?

Anti-reflection coatings are applied to the lens surface to improve vision and reduce reflective glare from computers and inside lighting. They also greatly reduces headlight glare whilst driving at night.

One particular coating is called Crizal UV. This particular coating is endorsed by the Cancer Council of Australia and provides the highest possible UV Protection on the market. Another coating, which we highly recommend is the Crizal Prevencia which not only has the same UV protection as the Crizal UV, but also has the added feature of blocking harmful  blue light emitted from computers and other hand held devices.

Have you ever taken a photo, and looked at it and gone “I can’t really see my eyes because of my glasses”. This doesn’t have to be the case. Theoretically, you should easily be able to see your eyes through your glasses, because you can definitely see your surroundings through your glasses. The main reason, is the reflection of the flash on your glasses. The anti-reflection lenses definitely improve aesthetically how the glasses look, as well as provide crisper vision.

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