Dry Eyes

Up to 30% of Australians suffer from dry eyes. Are you one of them?

Dry eyes is one of the most underdiagnosed eye diseases even though it is quite a common one, the reason for which is people often attribute dry eyes to the normal part of aging or a symptom of allergies. However, chronic dry eyes, if left untreated, may not only be irritating but can cause serious damage to the eyes.

Some facts about dry eyes:

  • 70% of dry eyes is due to Meibomian gland dysfunction
  • Women are more frequently affected than men (with more than 3 million women vs. about 1.7 million men)
  • 80% of people with facial rosacea also suffer from dry eyes.

When not treated, advanced dry eyes can lead to corneal scarring, impaired vision, and a poor quality of life!

Signs and Symptoms You May Have Dry Eyes Include…

Eyes feeling gritty and uncomfortable

Light or glare sensitivity

Eyes that are too watery

Having to blink often to make things clear

Difficulty wearing contact lenses

Blurred vision or eye fatigue

How Can We Help?

We Address Dry Eyes at Its Root Cause

We take dry eyes seriously and treat dry eye at its root cause, not just manage the symptoms—though we’ll help ensure that those irritating symptoms stop bothering you as well.

Advanced Equipment and Treatment Methods

We have all the advanced treatment methods and equipment at our 6 convenient locations with shopping centre parking access. Just book in at a time that fits your busy life, and we’ll get your eyes back on track.

Individualised Management and Care

Each dry eye case is unique. Our optometrists listen carefully, take the extra steps to diagnose dry eye with great precision, and give you practical individualised management solutions.

Co-management with Your Doctor

Some dry eye cases may require more complex treatment plans. Our optometrists will talk with you about the best treatment for your unique case and may refer you to an eye doctor if needed and closely work with them to successfully manage your dry eyes.

Dry Eye Treatment Options


Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL)

Warm Compresses

Lid Debridement

Punctal Plugs

Therapeutic Management

Eye Lubricants

Co-management with Your Doctor

Nutritional Advice

Don’t let dry eyes stop you from getting the quality life you want! We can help.

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