Nothing You Can Do Manually Can Get Your Spectacles This Clean!

We have all tried to clean our spectacles under a light, diligently rubbing at their parts in the hope of getting them as clean as new…yet failed.

We commend you for your efforts but there are some things you cannot do without the proper equipment—like the ultrasonic cleaner found at your optometrists’.

Ultrasonic Clean…What’s That?

Ultrasonic clean is a process that uses ultrasound and an appropriate cleaning solvent to clean spectacle lenses and other optical parts. This is also used to clean jewelry, watches, dental and surgical instruments and  tools.

Ultrasonic machines have been used  for decades, particularly to clean small intricate parts.

How Ultrasound Waves Clean Your Spectacles

Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency sound waves to agitate our cleaning liquid. Cavitation means the formation of bubbles in a liquid caused by forces, like when the liquid is subjected to rapid changes of pressures. When subjected to higher pressure, these bubbles implode and generate an intense shock wave.

Eyecare Plus Kareela’s practice manager and optical dispenser Greg Sexty states,

“Our ultrasonic cleaner will get into the cracks and recesses, cleaning dirt, oil, grime and  germs out from the corners of your spectacles much better than is possible to do at home, resulting in clean spectacles and also restoring the shine to metal frames.”

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