A Handy Travelmate for the Spectacle Wearer

Are you a spectacle wearer who is always on the go? Organise your own spectacle cleaning-and-repair travel kit!

A typical kit you can find in stores contains a 15 mL cleaning solution, cleaning cloth, keyring screwdriver, mini-screws and nosepad.

Yours can look like this:

Microfibre cleaning cloth

microfiber cleaning cloth for spectacles and glasses

Prevent lint and tiny scratches from appearing on your lenses by always bringing your optometrist-prescribed microfibre cloth. What makes microfibres more effective in cleaning than cotton is that the microfibres attach themselves to even the smallest dirt particle which cotton cloth fibres just brush past, resulting in a cleaner lens surface with every wipe.


Small bottle of lens cleaner spray

Small bottle of lens cleaner spray

A small mist spray can contain your lens cleaner solution which you can easily pull from your kit anytime there’s a need to spritz away germs. You can get good-quality lens cleaners at the optometrists.


Keyring screwdriver

keyring screw driver spectacles glasses

A keyring screwdriver is one of the most useful keyrings you can carry, especially if you wear spectacles. Choose one that has both flat and cross head inserts. Precious for those moments your nosepad screw gets loose and your friendly optician isn’t around to help. You can also use this on your mobile phones!


Spare mini screws and nosepads

There’s probably a chance you won’t need to change screws and nosepads while you’re shopping or on vacation, but these are so lightweight you won’t notice them tucked inside your kit. Who knows what could happen along the way, right?





A case to hold everything in

travel kit handy case spectacles glasses

A kit isn’t a kit without a case! Choose your favourite design and shape. You can go from posh designer to nifty ones you can get at the dollar store—whatever rocks your boat!

This handy travel kit would also make a great personalised gift to spectacle wearing family and friends! Spread the love. ❤️

Spectacle wearer case and gift box
Show a spectacle wearer you care by giving them a spectacle travel kit. Choose designs and colours that match their personality!
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