20/20 Vision, Do You Really Know What This Means?

20/20 Vision, Do You Really Know What This Means?

You’ve always heard the term 20/20 vision. Everyone talks about it when they say their eyes are perfect. Is it really that important?

tumblr_ntrtnc5JFb1uwgam8o1_50020/20 or 6/6 (Australian equivalent of American 20 foot) is a scale on a letter chart and if you are able to see it (whether with or without glasses), it is the expected size of letters a person should be able to read at 6 metres. It does not mean your vision can’t be better, it does not mean you have perfect vision. Most young people can see a line better than 20/20 although not many can see beyond that.

For that reason, the 20/20 line is usually the last or second last line on a common letter chart to examine someone’s eyes.


But just because you can see the 20/20 line this does not necessarily mean your vision is perfect. This is because the letter chart does not test other aspects such as contrast sensitivity or peripheral vision sensitivity. This is why people with eye diseases may be missed if the letter chart was the only thing that was used to measure someone’s vision.


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Optometrists are experts in vision care who diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of vision problems, eye diseases and ocular conditions. By prescribing spectacles, contact lenses, vision aids and other treatments, optometrists help their patients maximise and retain good vision for life.

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