Enter into 2018 with a New Pair of Spectacles!

You’re determined to save money this year, and here’s a smart thing you can do: Purchase your eyecare essentials at little or no cost through your optical health cover!

Your optical entitlements can be used towards items that improve your vision such as:

Health Fund RebateComplete designer spectacles. Choose among frames from top brands worn by your favourite celebrities along with single-vision or multifocal prescription lenses.

Reading glasses. Maybe that pair inside your case needs upgrading! If you haven’t really needed reading glasses before but find that you need to squint hard to see fine print, come in for an eye test.

Prescription sunglasses. Already have a good pair of spectacles? Get prescription sunnies to guard against UV rays to use year-round under the Australian sun. Not to mention you’ll look great!

Prescription sports glasses or goggles. Are you a professional athlete or just enjoy sports? Does your job put you at risk of foreign matter entering your eyes? Shield them with the right protective gear!

Contact lenses. If you prefer the comfort and convenience of contact lenses, use your optical rebates to get yourself some high-quality contact lenses. We’ll guide you into the right contact lenses with a comprehensive eye examination.

Digital eyewear. Be it a smartphone, iPad or computer (or all three!), almost everybody faces some sort of digital device on a daily basis. Protect your eyes against blue light and digital eye strain with specialised digital eyewear.

A spare pair of glasses. Keep a spare at school, in the office or in your glovebox—for those unexpected moments that will make you say, “Thank goodness I have a spare!”

An eyewear for special occasions. Have you looked at the mirror to see that everything looks perfect—except that your spectacles don’t match your outfit? Treat yourself with new glasses that you’ll be proud to wear for special moments.

Remember, unused health fund benefits don’t get rolled over to the next year. Time flies fast, so why wait for the year to end when now’s a great time to get new eyewear? The sooner you have them, the earlier you enjoy the benefits.

Then you can use the money you save on eyecare essentials for your family day out, that self-improvement class you’ve been planning to take, or start a travel fund! Isn’t the new year grand?

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Terms and Conditions (T&Cs):

  1. This offer exclusively applies to complete pair purchases (frames + lenses).
  2. The initial pair must be selected from our designer range and purchased at its full price.
  3. The cost of the first pair must equal or exceed the total cost of the second pair or the free buddy frame.
  4. This offer exclusively applies to frames and plano (or no prescription) sunglasses. Lens prices are not included in the discount.
  5. While this promotion is ongoing, management reserves the right to conclude the offer at its discretion.

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