Dr Kerry Ho

Dr Kerry Ho

Dr Kerry Ho

B. Optometry (Hons)/Science (Vision Science)

Dr Kerry Ho graduated in 2016 from the University of New South Wales with the Bachelor’s Degree in Vision Science and Optometry with Honors.

In his studies, he has gained a varied range of training in various places. In Australia, he has spent time training with optometrists and ophthalmologists in the Australian College of Optometry and the Royal Hobart Hospital. Kerry has studied in the Southwest Chongqing military hospital, learning about myopia control and rarer diseases in Asia.

Kerry Ho is therapeutically endorsed and has been trained to address a various range of eye conditions such as inflammation, glaucoma and common anterior eye diseases. He has spent a year researching about the shape of the cornea and its possible clinical applications to contact lenses. As a result of his previous work, he has a special interest in Orthokeratology and other forms of myopia control.

Kerry is an active member of ECONA, a branch of Optometry Australia NSW which advocates and supports optometrist with less than 10 years of experience. He is co-chair of the Scope of Practice subcommittee, which aims to expand and develop the way which optometrist can practice. He has presented in conferences, webinars and talks, as well as contributed to industry journals in Australia.


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B. Optometry (Hons)/Science (Vision Science)


In addition to speaking fluent English and Vietnamese, Kerry also knows basic Japanese.


Optometry Australia (OA)


Outside his work, Kerry is passionate about fitness, nutrition and incorporates evidence based research in order to help others reach their health goals. He actively plays tennis, volleyball and snowboards whenever he can.

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