Why Book Swapping Can Be the Best Thing You’ll Do This Month

Do you have books at home which you don’t plan to read again? Give those books away and get new ones by joining a Book Swap event! Here are reasons why book swapping can be the best thing you’ll do this month!

1. You’ll welcome the extra bookshelf space. Bring in a breath of fresh air to your study or the living room when your bookcase is wiped clean and books are neatly arranged. A vacant shelf also means more space for new potential favourites!

2. It’s makes kids bonding time fun and educational. Children’s storybooks are mainstays in book swap events. Except for a few favourites, kids easily outgrow their books (just like their clothes) and are very happy to hear new stories. Let the little ones tag along and have them bring in a book to swap. They will be thrilled to choose a new story for you to read to them.

3. Discover new books and authors you’ve never heard of. There are countless stories and authors who are just waiting to be discovered. Books travel too, so who knows what treasure you’ll bring home with you.

4. You might grab hard-to-find titles. That paperback novel you’ve hunted for years might suddenly surface or surprise a friend with a book they’ve been eyeing for yonks. You just can’t predict what good stuff people bring to book swaps!

5. Ignite old passions and discover new interests. A book about pottery or decluttering might spark your longtime interest to pursue a craft or develop a good habit! Books can be great avenues to uncover hidden talents, rekindle a passion or even start something that can be income-generating.

6. Meet fellow bibliophiles and connect with locals from the community. Book swapping is fun way to meet and chat with people who share common interests.

7. Give to a noble cause. Many book swaps also come with a fundraiser for a worthwhile cause, like this book swap for Optometry Giving Sight which aims to give proper eye care and a pair of spectacles to underprivileged communities with no access to an eyecare facility. Even if helping out others is the only reason to join, that’s time well spent. But no, book swaps are just amazing!

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the next book swap event.

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