Eyecare Plus Bankstown is your local and 100% Australian-owned optometry practice providing quality eyecare services for adults and children for over 15 years.

Consultation Fees and Additional Services


Most sight-threatening diseases begin with no symptoms, and these may only be noticed once the disease has progressed. Our specialised  equipment allows us to view the innermost parts of the eye and helps us diagnose the early onset of certain eye diseases.


The macula is the most important part of the eye, providing central “fine detail” allowing us to perform our daily tasks. Many eye conditions may affect this area, hence proactive examinations are important. This exam includes additional tests such as a digital retinal imaging and OCT of the macula, advice on dietary and lifestyle changes, Amsler grid monitoring, vitamin supplements, and a report for your GP. We will discuss low vision aids if useful.


Glaucoma is known as the “silent thief of sight” in which irreversible damage to the nerve fibres of the optic nerve occur with no symptoms. This exam includes additional tests such as a digital retinal imaging and OCT of the optic nerve, intraocular pressures, visual fields, corneal thickness measurement (pachymetry), an assessment of anterior chamber drainage angles (gonioscopy) and a report for your GP.


Diabetes is a disease which ultimately affects all blood vessels including those at the back of the eyes leading to serious effects such as leakage of the vessels. This exam includes additional tests such as a digital retinal imaging and OCT of the macula and posterior pole, and a report for your GP.


Keratoconus is a common corneal disorder where the central or paracentral cornea undergoes progressive thinning and steepening causing irregular astigmatism. This exam includes additional tests such as an anterior OCT of the cornea, corneal thickness measurement (pachymetry) and computerised topography mappings.


80% of learning is through vision. Eyecare Kids services are designed not only for clear, comfortable vision but to ensure that their eyes work together as a team. We’ll assess how their eyes and brain process visual information to give them the best possible vision to reach their full learning potential! Our practice has additional services with a modest fee to cover the extra tests.


In addition to the initial comprehensive eye test, a behavioural assessment takes closer look at their eye focusing, eye teaming and eye tracking skills as well as screen for possible vision processing difficulties. For significant binocular conditions such as convergence insufficiency, a review may be recommended 6-12 monthly.

Cycloplegic Refraction

Certain prescription such as latent hyperopia, astigmatism and progressive myopia as well as binocular problems such as strabismus and amblyopia may require a cyclopegic refraction. Drops (which do sting a little for a few seconds) are used to help relax the focusing system and help the optometrist determine their prescription objectively. Cyclopegia takes up to 1 hour to dilate and sight can feel blurry for a few hours afterwards.

Myopia Management

For children requiring myopia control monitoring and regular review of their binocular visual skills. Regular cycloplegia refractions may be required if dynamic retinoscopy results are not stable as well as topography mapping. This fee is included in the Ortho-K program.

Strabismus & Amblyopia

For children requiring strabismus and/or amblyopia monitoring and regular review of their spectacle prescription, angle of deviations, suppression and patching regimen. Regular cycloplegia refractions may be required.

What to Bring

  • Your Medicare card and private health fund card
  • Any old spectacles, contact lenses with the CL box or copy of your prescription
  • A list of any prescription/non-prescription eye drops and medications you are taking
  • Any relevant reports or referrals from another practitioner
  • Please allow 30-60 min for your appointment.

Where to Find Us

We are located at Bankstown Central on SP 232 North Terrace Bankstown Central, Bankstown 2200 next to “Big W“. Click for directions.

There is free all-day shopping centre parking available.

A little about us

  • We have been servicing the local communities’ eyecare and vision needs since 2004.
  • We invest in a comprehensive suite of diagnostic equipment often not found in other practices, allowing for more thorough and precise exams.
  • Our staff are highly qualified and continually trained to provide superior clinical services and solutions.
  • We are 100% Australian owned and operated (not owned by overseas corporations).