Tips for the New Multifocal Spectacles Wearer

Like every new pair of shoes you buy, it may take a little time for you to feel completely comfortable with your new multifocal lenses. Understanding your new lenses will help you learn to use them a little quicker.

A Simple Guide to Using Your New Progressive Lenses

  • Stand up, look straight ahead across the room
  • Pick an object to focus on
  • While looking at this object turn your head to see what happens to the clarity of the image Using a book or reading card by simply pointing with your nose and moving your head up and down slightly you will find a focus for reading
  • While staring at a point on some print turn your head and see what happens to the clarity of the image
  • Now look down to your toes by simply moving your chin slightly you will even find a clear focus for your feet

Setting a Wearing Schedule

If you want to ease into using your new lenses, we can set a wearing schedule for you. For example:

  • Start out wearing your progressive lenses while sitting down watching television or reading
  • Once confidence increases, walk around the house in your new lenses
  • Finally wear them outside while driving

A Few Tips to Increasing the Life of Your Lenses

  • When not in use, put your spectacles in a case
  • Clean your lenses regularly with soap and water and dry them with a clean, soft cloth
  • Avoid placing your spectacles near excessive heat (e.g., on the car dashboard)

If you have other questions regarding multifocal lenses, feel free to contact us at a location that’s near you!

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