The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape This Summer!

Summertime is here! Though we advise that wearing sunnies when outdoors should be year-round—yes, harmful UV rays lurk even when it is cloudy!—summer is the time when your skin and eyes especially need protection.

To look great in sunglasses, select a frame style that works with the shape of your face.

Here are some tips when choosing the best types of frames for different face shapes:

1. Oblong: 

An oblong face shape means the face is longer than it is wide, with a rounded chin and forehead.

If your face is oblong shaped, the preferred frame options are round or square to balance your face shape. Choose frames that keep within the width of your face. Avoid smaller lenses and angular/rectangular shapes.

2. Oval:

The difference between oblong face and oval face is an oval face has a forehead that is wider than the chin, while an oblong face has the forehead, cheeks and jawline pretty much of the same width. 

Most frame shapes work well with the oval face shape. The key for oval face shapes is  to keep the frames in proportion with the overall size of the face.

3. Round

A round face shape means a circular face with full cheeks and a rounded chin. Most people with round-shaped faces want to make the face appear narrower. A well-selected eyewear can help!

If you have a round face, avoid rounder-shaped frames. Square and rectangular shapes are good options as they help balance the shape of the face and provide more definition. However, frames with angular or straight lines seem to work best on a round face shape. Darker colours on the frames also work.

4. Square

A square face means a very strong jawline and broad forehead. Most people with square-shaped faces aim to soften the angles of their square chin and make the face look longer, as well as place emphasis on the eyes and lengthen the nose.

If your face is squarish, it is best to avoid sharp, geometric shapes as they tend to look “out of balance” with the rest of the face. Curved frames look best on a well-defined square face. Oversized and rounded frames also work well, as well as aviators on both male and female.

5. Heart

A heart-shaped face (or inverted triangle) typically means a fairly wide forehead and chin, with the chin slightly pointy, the jawline relatively narrow and the cheekbones ideally as wide as the eyebrows.

If your face is heart-shaped, thin-rimmed frames with vertical lines work best. Smaller sizes that lean towards rectangular work well. Avoid round frames as well as oversized frames.

Try Them On!

However, the best way to know which pair of sunglasses suits your face is to try on several pairs at your local optometrist. Their optical dispensers not only can help you select the best sunglasses that will look good but also give advice on the type of sunglass lens best suited for your daily needs. They can also customise prescription lenses for you if needed.

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