Say Goodbye to “Normal” Contact Lenses and Glasses and Hello to Ortho-K!

Ask us about Ortho-k, a non-surgical technique of gently reshaping the front of your eye by using customised contact lenses worn overnight.

  • Experience freedom from glasses and contact lenses while awake
  • Achieve clear vision with a pain-free, non-surgical process
  • Stop or reduce the progression of myopia in children!

Do your glasses or contact lenses cause irritation and restrict your daily activities?

Some people find that wearing glasses in order to achieve clear vision can be inconvenient. Perhaps they’re uncomfortable to wear, steam up at awkward moments or prevent you from taking part in sporting activities.

You may have tried contact lenses and found them unsuitable due to dry eyes or too much hassle for daily use. Every day is a compromise between your personal comfort and convenience and seeing clearly.

When Glasses Are in the Way

You know that having to wear glasses can sometimes be a struggle to manage in a convenient and practical way. At times, wearing glasses can be great—the right glasses can flatter a face perfectly and can be worn as a fabulous fashion accessory.

Conversely, wearing glasses (as great as they can be) can stop you from seeing clearly while swimming or showering, and we know that lenses steam up and become uncomfortable to wear when we are playing sport or even cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

 Contact Lenses Are Great, But…

Daytime contact lenses are a popular solution for adults who need to wear glasses but dislike them, but these too can have their drawbacks. Wearing contact lenses in offices which have air-conditioning can really make your eyes feel dry and irritated. Let’s face it, if your eyes are red during meetings, you don’t look great.

Surgery Can Be Scary

Does surgical intervention seem too risky and expensive?

There are various types of laser corrective options available which are designed to permanently alter the shape of the cornea in order to achieve perfect vision.

Laser corrective surgery has come a long way in the last 20 years, but let’s face it, this is an invasive procedure which does carry certain risks and complications. Although the majority of operations carried out are successful, some patients may experience undesirable side effects post surgery including pain, dry eyes and visual disturbances. Laser surgery can be a scary option as it’s irreversible and some people are just not ready to make that jump.

If you’ve considered undergoing laser corrective surgery in order to achieve clear vision and be free of glasses and contact lenses, but you’ve been put off by the cost involved and the potential risks, you may be feeling at a loss.

People who experience myopia or short-sightedness seem to have only three options: glasses, daytime contact lenses or laser surgery.

Not anymore! Ortho-K Is the Alternative Solution That Offers Clear Vision Daily without the Hassle!

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K can provide patients with complete freedom from glasses or contact lenses during the day and throughout waking hours. It’s a non-surgical, non-permanent solution which eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience of other vision-correction options and allows users to experience clear vision on a daily basis.

Ortho-K is a technique which has been used for over 50 years, and recent developments in research and technology have allowed for much higher accuracy with very predictable results.

How Ortho-K Works

Ortho-K lenses are uniquely designed to be worn while sleeping and removed upon waking. While the user sleeps, the lenses gently and temporarily reshape the cornea to achieve the desired shape for clear vision.

The specially-designed rigid lenses used for Ortho-K are custom fitted and can correct refractive error in patients with mild to moderate myopia (up to -6.00), with or without astigmatism. As the effects are temporary, patients usually find that their daytime vision returns to normal after approximately 2 to 3 nights of not wearing the Ortho-K lenses, and for best results they should be worn nightly.

Ortho-K is the ideal solution for anyone who hates wearing glasses, finds contact lenses unsuitable and doesn’t want to undergo surgery. The treatment is an easy and reversible alternative to traditional solutions to poor eyesight and can transform the life of myopia sufferers.

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