So Many Frame Choices. Which is Best for Me?

Have you ever noticed how some people wear dark rim, heavy looking spectacles, and the impression you get initially is that this person must be a CEO, or represent a high status in the jobs they work at? Or someone who wears a lighter coloured frame, generally appears to be more softer, and more friendly?

Take for example, Malcolm Turnbull during his election campaign, consistently wore his “Crystal” coloured frames to show a look of understanding and compassion, however right after his campaign was over, he switched back to a heavier black frame to show a more business and assertive approach. His image changed completely.


People with different job types often come to professional optical stores to get options on style and fashion and to find “The look” they are after so it fits their image or job description.

People who do a lot of presentations in office environments, or people on live TV often choose to have a softer frame as to give them a more open and understanding vibe, as opposed to those in law who wear a stronger darker frame to make them look more assertive.

Choosing a frame means different things to different people. Some focus on how they look, while others like to follow the latest trends, or colours, fashion and practicality. Usually people want something that fit’s their lifestyle as much as anything else we choose to wear.

The right or wrong frame choice can certainly make a difference to the way people perceive you, after all, first contact is normally eye contact, so the spectacles you wear do make a big difference.

Come see our qualified dispensers today for a run down on trends, and latest in style, or the most practical frames possible.

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