Increase Your Driving Performance By Making This Simple Switch!

Do you struggle to drive for long periods of time? Find it extremely hard as soon as the sun begins to set? Do you spend most of your day driving and feel fatigued and exhausted?

Our eyes process a huge amount of visual data as we drive, from monitoring the cars in front of us, behind us, to the sides as well as the dash and (if you drive manual) your gears. Now all this is great when the weather is perfect—meaning the sky is blue and the sun is directly above you—but this is rarely the case.

driving for long periods of timeGlare, Glare Everywhere

When we drive, we have to worry about glare directly from the sun, glare from other objects, glare on our dashboards, those pesky xenon or LED lights from oncoming cars, spotting things that come out at us and a wide range of other things. Our eyes are constantly moving, focusing and refocusing when we’re behind the wheel. This can cause our eyes to become strained, which can reduce our effectiveness and safety while we drive.

Wouldn’t we want our eyes to be at their optimum peak performance when we’re driving?


The Lens Designed for Driving

Hoya, one of the largest lens manufacturers in the world, has released a new lens on the market designed for driving known as the EnRoute. This lens is designed solely for those who spend a lot of time driving to improve their driving performance. These lenses are unlike any other lens on the market, being designed specifically for your eyes to:

  • significantly reduce reflections and uncomfortable glare from oncoming traffic
  • improve contrast and brightness perception in low-light conditions, fog and rain
  • offer clear, unimpaired vision for all distances

Introductory offer! Get Hoya’s Enroute Pro lenses as a plano (no prescription) pair of spectacles for $299!

What makes Hoya Enroute lenses so different from the rest? They feature an advanced Glare filter that combines the properties of a high-definition treatment and an anti-reflective coating. They reduce high energy visible light from LED and xenon headlights of oncoming vehicles, lights and equipment. They also significantly minimise distracting reflections while enhancing contrast and brightness perception in low-light conditions.

hoya enroute comparison

Compare standard lenses vs EnRoute. EnRoute is available in EnRoute Standard (reduces glare and offers comfortable vision while driving even in challenging weather/light conditions) and EnRoute Pro (enhanced colour contrast recommended for professional drivers). All images shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual visual experience may vary due to weather conditions, optometric conditions and/or wearing conditions of the spectacles.

Lens manufacturers spend countless hours and dollars on research just to get optics right for us, so when they do, it’s imperative we take advantage of it! Don’t stick to your old lenses out of habit when you could rev up your driving experience just by switching to the right lenses!

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Terms and Conditions (T&Cs):

  1. This offer exclusively applies to complete pair purchases (frames + lenses).
  2. The initial pair must be selected from our designer range and purchased at its full price.
  3. The cost of the first pair must equal or exceed the total cost of the second pair or the free buddy frame.
  4. This offer exclusively applies to frames and plano (or no prescription) sunglasses. Lens prices are not included in the discount.
  5. While this promotion is ongoing, management reserves the right to conclude the offer at its discretion.

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