Improve Your Social Life With Multifocal Contact Lenses

They say age is but a number and you’re only as old as you feel

Well, it’s true!

Small print. Illustrative of the problems with presbyopia.
Small print. Illustrative of the problems with presbyopia.

Growing older sucks.  My 5 year old son told me the other day that he plans to have birthday parties only until the age of 10.  After that “No more birthdays”  so that he doesn’t grow any older.  Hmmm… if only it was that easy!

Do you remember how easy it used to be to see very small print.

You also probably didn’t realise that this focusing ability had been getting worse every single year since you were a child and then boom, suddenly things are blurry at near!  Literally, it seems to happen overnight.  And this seems to happen when you are in your 40s.  As optometrists, we know when that is because our patients coming in with the same problems, “I need longer arms to see clearly….”

Your regular eye exam is no longer, “Wow your eyes are so healthy and clear, I’ll just see you in another year’ but is now concluded with something along the lines of, ‘Seems like your age has caught up to you, we might need to get you into some reading glasses’. (Of course, our optometrists would never say anything like “your age has caught up with you” but you know what I mean.)

So when reading becomes blurry and you seem to need longer arms, remember you’re not alone. We all get there eventually.  The optical world has created optical solutions to help with this through reading glasses, bifocals, extended focus lenses and multifocals.  They are great fashion accessories. They look great on the face. But let’s be real, sometimes it would be nice to go out without them.

When was the last time you went to a romantic restaurant, been given the menu that you can’t read, only to tell the waiter, “I’ll have what she is having…” or better yet, “What do you recommend…”.

So if you don’t want to wear your glasses, what are your options?

Here’s an idea: try Multifocal Contact Lenses!

These are special contact lenses made to correct both distance and near vision.

  • You will be able to see your smartphone
  • You will be able to read fine print labels easily
  • You will be able to go to restaurants without your reading glasses
  • You will be able to see clearly when driving, look at the dashboard with ease
  • And if you are a like bushwalking, read a map and enjoy the scenery around you!

As our optometrist, Dr Heba Raad says, “Getting the right prescription with multifocal contact lenses requires skill, time and patience.  But once we get it right, the improved vision and convenience are rewarding for both the optometrist and the patient.  The freedom you get with multifocal contact lenses is greater flexibility for an active lifestyle.”

Now who is going to say no to that?

So if you’ve felt discouraged at the prospect of wearing reading glasses, make an appointment with one of our friendly optometrists.

Let us give you the experience of clarity without the clutter of glasses.

Free Multifocal Contact Lens Trials Today* Consultation fees may apply.


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