Why Eyecare Plus Kareela Is a 5 Star Optometry Practice!

Our optometry practices aim to provide a high calibre of eyecare that we believe every patient deserves.  All our practices undergo an accreditation process that is assessed by the national head office at Eyecare Plus.  The highest possible distinction for an optometry practice to achieve is a 5 Star National Accreditation.

On March 1, 2017, less than a year after opening, Eyecare Plus Kareela joins our other practices at Bankstown, Broadway, Chullora, Roselands and Hillsdale—to become a Nationally Accredited 5 Star practice!

Eyecare Plus Kareela is in Kareela Village, shop T2, 1-13 Freya St, Kareela, New South Wales

What It Means to be 5 Star Accredited

It means…

  • Our optometry practice has satisfactorily passed a 110 key criteria on how we deliver excellence in eyecare and eyewear to our patients
  • We’ve successfully met standards for diagnostic equipment, staff training and patient service
  • We’ve upheld quality and good value in the products that we offer

Eyecare Plus Kareela’s practice began on May 16, 2016, led by Dr Alexander Du (optometrist) and Greg Sexty (optical dispenser / practice manager). Together, Alex and Greg prioritise excellence in service for every patient’s eye care and eyewear needs.

A Dedicated and Caring Optometrist

Alex graduated with honours from the University of New South Wales and is the principal optometrist at Kareela. He has special interests in children’s vision, contact lenses, orthokeratology (ortho-k), myopia control and diseases of the eye. Alex is therapeutically endorsed, so he can prescribe certain ocular medications for eye conditions like glaucoma and most red eyes.  He can help co-manage conditions with your eye specialists!

For Alex, a tailor-made experience for every patient that visits the practice is essential. ‘We make sure to treat you as an individual in all senses. Everything we do, we customise for your needs and your vision concerns.’

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Qualified Optical Dispenser 

Being involved in the optics for over 30 years, Greg is clearly a master of his craft as the practice manager, qualified optical dispenser, and optical mechanic. Greg is known for his honesty when choosing the right frame and lens aesthetics for his patients. Having made spectacles for thousands of people, including politicians and TV personalities, you can bet he’ll give any face the perfect spectacle fit.

Contact Greg if you have a question.

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Teamwork with a Common Goal

Alex and Greg have been working together as a team since 2015.

Alex admires Greg for his integrity and for always keeping the patient’s best interest in mind. ‘Greg takes his time with his patients to figure out what they need out of their glasses rather than randomly selecting a frame from the shelf and hoping for the best. It’s all about what fits best and looks best for the patient and their requirements with their glasses.’

Greg too has only nice things to say. ‘Alex is very professional in his approach to patients and makes sure he leaves no stone unturned when dealing with people’s eyes. An eye test is more detailed than what most people think. Some people have some very serious issues regarding their eyes, so time has to be taken. More and more people are coming in with concerns over dry eyes, eye infections, Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma. We see a lot of children and Alex always takes his time and relates to the child when testing. If a child is relaxed during a test the best results are gained.

Alex and Greg work towards a common goal: ‘We strive to achieve the best possible eyecare for all our patients by our specialised care.’

All the Great Stuff in Kareela

Eyecare Plus Kareela showcases a wide range of designer and specialised frames, lenses and contact lenses. Greg personally selects and updates their stocks regularly with the latest brands of quality eyewear in the market so that there is something for everyone in the family. As he has lived in the area for over 25 years, he has a knowledge of local people’s sense of style, being able to cater for people’s professional and relaxed lifestyles.

Greg states, ‘The big advantage with our frame selection is that we have the capacity to choose our own frames, and after many years in the industry, we have built a relationship with some well-known frame suppliers.’  Something you don’t see too often is an optometry practice that can hand-craft your spectacles on site.  If you need glasses urgently, let Greg know and he will be able to make reading or distance glasses on the same day for you!

Alex adds, ‘We have frames to cater for all budgets and styles… and we always prioritise on quality!’

Eyecare Plus Kareela also has advanced diagnostic equipment available, so you get a comprehensive and caring eye test.  This is particularly true if you are worried about eye conditions such as glaucoma, macula degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and dry eyes.  

Practice Manager Greg Sexty and Optometrist Dr Soojin Nam with the 5 Star Accreditation Award

Locals from the surrounding suburbs can always expect a 5 Star Service from Eyecare Plus Kareela. And when you’re not from the Sutherland Shire, be pleased to know you can get the same level of care and expertise from our other Sydney practices.

Why Choose Us?

Because we make your vision our focus.

That is why we form great relationships with our patients. That is why our highly trained staff love learning and keeping up to date with the industry. That is why we stock quality spectacles and spend the time to recommend different lens options. And of course, we continually invest in the most up-to-date diagnostic and dispensing equipment!

So we can serve you better.

We are so passionate with what we do, any award that comes with it is just an added bonus. 

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