We Are Your 5 Star Optometry Practice in Bankstown!

Eyecare Plus practices offering Eyecare Vision services believe that every patient deserves only premium eyecare available today—and daily we work hard to give our patients just that.

Our local optometrist Dr Ali Khalife and his team had a great start for 2016 as Eyecare Plus Bankstown became a Nationally Accredited 5 Star practice!

Optometrist Dr Ali Khalife (center) with optical dispensers Jinnie Lee (left) and Carin Overs (right)

Every two years, Eyecare Plus practices undergo an accreditation process that is assessed by the national head office. The highest possible distinction for an optometry practice to achieve is a 5 Star National Accreditation.

What It Means to be 5 Star Accredited

It means…

  • Our optometry practice has satisfactorily passed a 110 key criteria on how we deliver excellence in eyecare and eyewear to our patients
  • We’ve successfully met standards for diagnostic equipment, staff training and patient service
  • We’ve upheld quality and good value in the products that we offer

Ali states, “To achieve 5 stars, we have to score above 90% when we are quality assessed according to the criteria that Eyecare Plus has set for us. Receiving this award has been a great honour, and the entire team is thankful for the recognition of the hard work and dedication we strive to give to our patients every day. We are very inspired.”

What Makes Eyecare Plus Bankstown stand out from other optometry practices?

Ali states, “What makes us stand out is I think we excel in providing the best eyecare possible, but more importantly, we genuinely try and solve people’s eye problems at a reasonable cost and not just dismiss a patient without making them happy. This is a value I think patients see in us that makes a change in their life for the better.”

Ali added, “The staff at Eyecare Plus Bankstown strive to provide the best quality eyecare services that are personalised, accurate, comprehensive, courteous, accountable, punctual and tailored for every individual. We pride ourselves on the latest fashion in quality eyewear and advanced technology in contact lenses.”

Eyecare Plus Bankstown, located at Shop SP 232, Bankstown Central Shopping Centre, North Terrace, Bankstown, New South Wales

 A Caring and Dedicated Optometrist

Dr Ali Khalife is our principal optometrist at Eyecare Plus Bankstown who also sees patients at our Chullora practice. Ali has practised for over 10 years in these two locations and continues to build on his skills in order to provide the best possible eye care for all his patients. A behavioural optometrist, Ali has a strong passion for children’s vision, specialty contact lens fittings for Keratoconus, Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) and management of ocular conditions. In addition to English, Ali speaks fluent Arabic.

Eyecare Plus Bankstown offers a wide range of services for the entire family including spectacles and contact lenses, specialty contact lenses like ortho-k and dry eye management, behavioural therapy, vision therapy, treatment for strabismus, amblyopia, eye strain and vision-related learning difficulties.

Locals in the area and from the surrounding suburbs can always expect a 5 Star Service from Eyecare Plus Bankstown. And when you’re not from the local community, be pleased to know you can get the same level of care and expertise from our other Sydney practices.

Why Choose Us?

Because we make your vision our focus.

That is why we form great relationships with our patients. That is why our highly trained staff love learning and keeping up to date with the industry. That is why we stock quality spectacles and spend the time to recommend different lens options. And of course, we continually invest in the most up-to-date diagnostic and dispensing equipment!

So we can serve you better.

We are so passionate with what we do, any award that comes with it is just an added bonus. 

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