5 Rules To Have Healthy Eyes With Contact Lenses

Our eyes are most comfortable when there’s nothing on them. However, a vision problem may be a game changer that often requires the use of spectacles or contact lenses.

Patients who have not previously tried contact lenses may have apprehensions, like being worried about their eye health, inconvenience and discomfort.

But if you’ve been using contact lenses, you totally understand how conveniently you can have clear vision as you play sports, do outdoor activities, look great during special events or go out on a rainy day without having to worry about wiping your glasses!

So you’ve decided that contact lens is the best modality for you! Here are some simple ways to achieve the best possible eye health while you’re wearing them:

1. Hygiene is two-thirds of health.

As a general rule, one who maintains cleanliness keeps diseases away. Basic practices that lead to maintenance of health and prevention of diseases are very important for good eye health. For starters, Eyecare  Plus optometrist Dr Alex Du reminds contact lens wearers to always use clean, dry hands when handling their contacts and follow cleaning and storing instructions to avoid eye infections. This includes changing contact lens solutions every day. If we wash our clothes frequently, why shouldn’t we do the same with our contacts.

2. Oxygen keeps our cells alive.

Oxygen permeability means “the amount of oxygen diffusing through a given amount of contact lens material in a given amount of time under specified testing conditions.” What does this mean for you as a contact lens wearer?

Two things:

  • Use only contact lenses designed for healthy oxygen permeability. Trust your optometrist to recommend you the contact lens designed to ensure healthy oxygen flow to your eyes.
  • Nothing allows oxygen to flow to your eyes better than an uncovered eye. The time interval between wearing and removing contact lenses shouldn’t be too long to allow your eyes to “breathe” naturally.

Alex Du states, “Only wear contact lenses for as long as your optometrist has recommended.”

3. Let comfort be your guide.

Comfort is as important as clarity! Your contact lenses should be so comfortable that you should forget you’re wearing them! Alex Du states, “If your eyes are red or feel uncomfortable, do not wear your lenses.”

4. When you wear makeup, always remember: contact lens first!

Put in your contact lenses first before putting on makeup. Remove contact lenses first before removing makeup. This prevents makeup like mascara, foundation and eye shadow to get into your eye and touch your contact lenses.

5. Don’t be a stranger to your optometrist.

Eyecare Plus Kareela Optometrist Dr Alex Du gives a thorough eye test before helping choose the best contact lenses for your visual needs and lifestyle..

Contact lenses or no contact lenses, regular eye checks are very important even if your previous tests have been normal. Your optometrist can check your overall eye health and detect early changes in vision you might not notice at first. Your optometrist can also find out if your contact lens is still suitable for you (e.g. prescription has increased and need to be replaced). If there are new modalities or breakthroughs in the optical industry, your optometrist can introduce them to you and sit down to plan the best course of action that will be most beneficial.

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