Children need sunglasses as much as adults.

In fact, kids often spend more time in the sun than grown ups.

Yet we seldom see them wearing sunglasses.

Why Let Your Child Wear Sunglasses?

Australia has one of the highest levels of UV exposure in the world!

Yet, parents are twice as likely to protect their own eyes compared to their children’s, while kids are 10x more likely to wear a hat than sunglasses.

Children are highly active indoors and out, and the risk of eye injuries are high.

With more time spent on digital devices, blue light can be a source of eye strain and fatigue.

Transitions For Kids ensure children’s eyes are

protected, safe and comfortable!

Children are active indoors and out. Transitions adaptive lenses go from clear to dark, so there’s no need for two pairs of glasses.

It’s common to find cheap children’s sunglasses, but they do not provide adequate UV protection. Transitions block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, which can affect our eyes more during childhood and adolescence.

Polycarbonate makes it 10x more impact resistant than standard lenses, keeping kids’ eyes safe from falls, spills and flying objects that are often part of any playtime.

Digital devices like smart phones, iPads and computers emit blue light. Transitions cut blue-violet light and make time spent on digital devices more comfortable.

Do you want to rest easy knowing your child’s eyes are protected

in all aspects of their day?