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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy for Dry Eyes

*Currently available at Eyecare Plus Broadway and Eyecare Plus Chullora

Have you tried almost anything for your dry eyes, but failed to find relief?

  • Are you tired of the constant discomfort caused by dry eyes?
  • Are over-the-counter artificial tear solutions not doing the trick anymore?
  • Are you experiencing redness, sandy or gritty sensation, excess watery eyes, burning, itching, excess mucous discharge, fluctuating/blurred vision or excessive blinking?
  • Are you sensitive to computer glare, wind, air conditioning or heaters, air pollutants / smoke, contact lenses or bright light?
  • Do you have Meibomian gland dysfunction, ocular rosacea or dry eyes with inflammation?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you may benefit from IPL + LLLT treatments!

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a real treatment option for patients suffering from Dry Eyes.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treats the cause of the dry eye problem with light pulses that penetrate the tissue, creates heat and targets the abnormal blood vessels that are the cause of dry eyes. IPL technology treats the skin and eyelid inflammation by removing the abnormal vessels.

Approximately 80% of Dry Eye Syndrome cases are caused by Meibomian gland dysfunction. IPL treats the Meibomian glands, which are the glands along the rims of the eyelid that produce meibum, an oily substance that prevents evaporation of the eye's tear film. The emission of high power light applied around the eyes leads to a stimulation of the Meibomian glands to produce a higher secretion of meibum, thus increasing the natural lipid flow. This reduces tear evaporation and provides dry eye relief!

IPL combined with LLLT therapy for even better results!

We use an LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) mask, a device that utilizes low-level laser technology to provide therapeutic benefits for various conditions including dry eyes. The mask is designed to be worn over the eyes, delivering low-level laser light to the eye area.

The benefits of an LLLT mask for dry eyes include:

  • stimulates tear production and reduces inflammation to help relieve symptoms associated with dry eyes.
  • stimulates cellular activity and enhances the healing process in the eye tissues, promoting overall eye health.
  • improves blood circulation in the eye area, enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the eyes and improving their overall condition.
  • enhancing oil gland function, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability of tears and preventing rapid evaporation.

Both IPL and LLLT treatments have been shown to work wonders in relieving symptoms of dry eyes.

Download Our Free Little Guide To Dry Eyes

30% of Australians suffer from Dry Eyes. Are you one of them? Download our free guide to know what you need to know about this very common eye condition.


We use the Eye-Light® IPL + LLLT at our practices*.

Eye-Light® is an intensive pulse light (IPL) and low level light therapy (LLLT), which combines light modulation with optimal power energy (OPE). Eye-Light® simultaneously treats the lower and upper eyelids with direct and indirect applications and has the added benefit of not needing the application of gel during the treatment process, thanks to the patented and unique cooling module.

Thanks to Eye-Light® intense pulsed light, the Meibomian glands resume the production of lipids necessary to the eye’s functionality, improving the symptoms of dry eyes after a few hours!


Our Deluxe Dry Eye Treatment Package

Includes Dry Eye assessment, OSDI survey, meibomian gland expression, lid debridement as required.

Our optometrist may recommend IPL therapy in combination with other dry eye treatments for even greater success and dry eye relief.

*Updated rates as of July 2023.

  • It is a safe, painless in-practice treatment.
  • You can appreciate an improvement of the Meibomian gland functionality a few hours after the treatment.
  • It’s completely automated with software-set parameters, so less risk of errors.
  • Primary outcomes include change in tear breakup time and self-reported patient satisfaction!
  • The treatment lasts a few minutes and allows an immediate return to normal activities.

Why use Eye-Light® IPL?

Get lasting relief from irritating dry eyes.

Experience the benefits of Eye-Light® IPL + LLLT today!

*Eye-Light IPL is currently only available at Eyecare Plus Broadway and Eyecare Plus Chullora.


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