Do you experience blurry vision or red eyes?

Do you have diabetes?

Have you had family members with glaucoma?

Was your last eye check more than a year ago?

If you answer yes to any of these question,

you could be one among 50% of Australians with glaucoma that are undiagnosed.


Why is Glaucoma a Concern?

Because people are slowly becoming blind before they know it.

Glaucoma has no symptoms in its early stages, robbing you of your peripheral vision in a gradual and painless way. A person who gets glaucoma can still, at the beginning, see clearly, while areas outside the central concentrated spot slowly disappear.

Once you notice the symptoms, you may have already lost your side vision and it’s too late for treatment. Early detection is key.

Environmental and Genetic Factors

Increase the Risk of Developing Glaucoma

How Glaucoma Can Be Devastating To Your Sight

Normal Vision

With Glaucoma

Why Choose Us to Do Your Glaucoma Test?

Optometrists Who Care About Your Eyes

Our optometrists all maintain a high level of clinical excellence. They are dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest research to provide a comprehensive, individualised eye examination for all our patients.

Appointment Times Convenient For You

Our Eyecare Plus practices are open 7 days a week, have access to convenient shopping centre parking and you can book in at a time that fits in with your busy life. No excuse not to look after your eyes!

Co-Managing With
Your Eye Specialist

Our optometrists work closely with your eye specialist to look after patients at risk for glaucoma and other eye diseases. We use all the latest equipment at our practices to help detect, diagnose and monitor eye diseases even before symptoms become apparent.

Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

A glaucoma check is not as simple as just checking your eye pressure! While most glaucoma cases are associated with elevated eye pressure, progressive nerve damage of glaucoma can happen in patients even without an increase in eye pressure. All our optometrists have access to an OCT (optical coherence tomography) machine, stereoscopic retinal imaging, gonioscopy, applanation tonometry, and central corneal thickness measurements to determine whether or not you have glaucoma — even before you manifest any symptoms.

What Our Glaucoma Check Up Plus™ Test Includes

Slit Lamp Examination

Determines the absence or presence cataracts and of new blood vessels on the iris. Gonioscopy may be performed if there is suspicion of this happening.

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Dilated Fundus Examination

This is mandatory and necessary test performed in all diabetic patients in order for the optometrist to better assess the retina for any diabetic damage to the retina.

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Digital Retinal Imaging

Digital Retinal Imaging (DRI) provides us with a scan showing the back of the eye...

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The technique used to measure the thickness of the cornea, the clear structure in front of the eye.

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Optical Coherence Tomography

A specialised scan that uses the properties of light waves to build a digital 3D cross-sectional...

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Visual Fields

A visual field test allows us to examine how far the eye sees without moving, and how sensitive the vision.

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Stop The Thief of Sight.

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