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Is it time for

new glasses?

Good news for
Health Fund members with
optical benefits!

Your eyes have specific needs.

The best lenses for your friend may not be the best lenses for you.

At Eyecare Plus, we’ll carefully select your lenses based on your occupation, lifestyle, the time you spend in front of digital devices, whether you spend long hours driving or toggle from computer screen to screen.

We’ll care to ask, “What other activities take up most of your day?”

Then we’ll create you your perfect-fit spectacles.

Get $50 OFF your Lenses* by downloading your gift voucher.


*Excluding standard single-vision hard lenses.

Use your $50 voucher* towards any of the following upgrades:


These lenses cut out unwanted glare and enhance contrast, giving you improved lens performance and comfortable vision.


Opt for single anti-reflective coating or a combination of several treatments, depending on your needs and preferences.

Blue Light
Control Coating

Eye strain from too much technology? This coating gives you the necessary comfort and protection from blue light emitted by digital devices.


No need to carry extra sunglasses! These lenses work as sunglasses in strong sunlight. Indoors, they are your normal clear spectacles.


Different prescription strengths for near, intermediate and far? These lenses seamlessly integrate all three powers in one lens!

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Is it time for new glasses?

Get $50 OFF towards your lens* purchase for members with optical Health Fund benefits.

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*Excluding standard single-vision hard lenses.

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