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Did you know vision problems affect 1 in 5 Australian children?

Undetected vision problems will negatively affect a child’s behaviour and their ability to learn. Parents may not recognise a vision problem because kids usually don’t report them, often assuming everyone sees as they do. But a behavioural optometrist can.

Download our full list of observable clues to classroom vision problems.


Our simple checklist contains dozens of clues that point to possible vision problems your child may not be telling you about.

Why Choose Eyecare Kids?


Behavioural Optometrists

We understand that vision is more than just seeing clearly. Our behavioural optometrists will give a comprehensive review of your child’s learning-related skills like focussing, teaming, tracking and vision information processing to ensure their vision allows them to keep up with all the school demands placed on them.

Great Range of

Children’s Frames

We will ensure that your child is confident and comfortable wearing prescription glasses in the classroom or playground with our great range of children’s frames in fun colours and styles.

We Offer

No Gap

Get amazing value on children’s frames from your health fund! Our HiCaps terminal lets us claim directly for most health funds. We also offer prescription sunglasses with No Gap or little to pay on selected ranges!

80% of a child’s learning is accomplished through sight. Ensure that your child is vision-ready for school by booking an eye test today!

Our eye test* will check your child’s eyes to make sure their:

  • sight is clear for distance and near
  • focussing and eye teaming doesn’t cause eye strain when reading
  • tracking is working well for reading
  • colour vision is normal
  • visual memory is working well

*Ask our optometrists about our school vision tests which checks in more detail for focusing, teaming and tracking skills that can affect reading and learning. Our additional visual skills tests are only $40.

Give your child the best possible start this school year.

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